German love

The latest addition to the reference library is Liebe ist ein Buch mit sieben Siegeln, which is the 1967 German translation of the pictures-and-aphorism book Love is Walking Hand in Hand.

Actually, “translation” is taking it too far. My German is pretty bad, but even I noticed that the text in the German doesn’t seem to match the English. Spending some time with translation tools confirms that; in many cases, they just seem to have made up a different aphorism to go with the image. So where the American edition says “Love is making fudge together”, the German says “Liebe ist – der beste Koch” (“Love is – the best cook.”) They’re not always that different; “Love is a phone call” becomes “Love is the hoped-for call”. Still, one wonders whether the differences were to adjust for some cultural difference, if the translator thought he had something better, or if someone just didn’t have that good a grasp of English and didn’t bother.

I still haven’t been able to parse the title; mechanical translation tells me that it’s Love is a Book with Seven Seals, and I can’t tell you what that means.

Cartoonist Howard Cruise has some thoughts about the formatting of Peanuts in his local paper (The Berkshire Eagle, which used to be my local paper when I was in college) over at this blog.

Bird On Skates!

I’ve never bought anything from the folks at Hammacher Schlemmer, but I guess they knew I’d want a copy of their catalog with Peanuts on the cover, so they sent it to me. (And if you didn’t get a catalog, but would like to order this item, you can order …

Peaaaaanutttts Booookss innnnnn SPAAAAAAACE!

So you do want to have astronaut Chris Cassidy on the International Space Station read you Peanuts books, right? Well, here’s two of them! Snoopy, First Beagle on the Moon! Shoot for the Moon, Snoopy!

A fictionalized Kennedy reads Peanuts

The latest book from me (with my publisher hat on) is an expansion of a book I issued and let go out of print a decade back, a collection of┬áMiss Caroline, a gag cartoon series from 1963 about Caroline Kennedy and her place as a child in the White House. …