Easter Beaglet

The new hardcover adaptation of It’s the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown is now in my hands, and as I suspected before, the Amazon description of its size is wrong. It’s roughly 3 inches wide and high, not more than six as Amazon says. It’s a 128 page book with 28 illustrations, adapted by the LoBianco brothers who do so much of the art adaptations these days. This is no great read by any means (text descriptions of visual gags always fall flat), but it might be a cute thing to throw in someone’s Easter basket.

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Review: Charlie and Friends

There is nothing wrong with a cheaply produced paperback of public domain material. It can provice a service. For some material it’s the only way that product will be available. In the case of¬†Charlie and Friends in Tip Top Comics – The Full Series Reader Collection, however, it’s the equivalent …

New releases
Review: Peanuts Origami

The book¬†Peanuts Origami is designed for people who are not me, specifically people who are willing to rip pages out of a Peanuts book so that they can fold them into things. Maybe if I had three copies, I would do that for one. I shall not find out. But …

Animated Peanuts
Hey, A Charlie Brown Christmas just popped up!

I just received the new pop-up book adaptation of A Charlie Brown Christmas, and we have a real winner here. No, this isn’t a reprint of the old Running Press pop-up version. And it certainly isn’t last year’s Hallmark version with just one single pop-up at the end. No, this …