A Peanuts Valentine

There are now two books available called A Peanuts Valentine. There’s the strip collection, which came out last year, and now there’s the kids’ book. This is an odd item, a storybook with a cardboard envelope attached to each spread. Each envelope contains a cardboard object related to the tale… a valentine, a little fortune-teller toy of the sort you probably made in third grade, a finger puppet. It’s smoothly done. I think this will be more interesting for those who are interested in the book as a physical object (say, folks who are into pop-up books) than it is folks who are looking for a good read. And there’s still time to order it and get it before Valentine’s Day. (And for those looking to send a special message to a loved one, I suppose you could slip your own valentine… or perhaps an engagement ring… into one of the pockets!)

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