Peanuts books of the future and the present(s)

It looks like next summer will be bringing some more British Peanuts gift books from Ravette. They’ve got Best Friends… Understand Sharing and True Love Is… Complete Trust, both shipping in June.

But if next summer is too long for you to wait for your gifts, you’d best get a move on. There are mere hours left to order through Amazon in the US and have gifts arrive before Christmas using standard shipping. (You’ll still have time to order with their two-day shipping option, but of course that costs more.) So it’s time to order the Complete Peanuts boxed set of volumes 3 and 4, It’s Only a Game, or most of the other find items you’ll find at the shop. Be sure to stick with the things that say “Usually ships in 24 hours”, or your probably going to miss Christmas and likely even New Years and Hannukah.

But whichever holidays you choose to celebrate, I hope that the coming days are full of happiness, warmth, and comfort. And if I don’t get to post another entry in the next week-and-a-half, then I’ll talk to you in 2006!


Upcoming releases
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Upcoming releases
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