You can see here my new favorite Peanuts book title, the German book BLEAH! We don’t have a copy in the reference library yet, alas.

What we have added to the reference library is the 1958 edition of Txweco, the yearbook of Texas Wesleyan College. Now, many student groups have used the Peanuts characters on their materials over the years, the folks at Txweco sought to do the right thing and get Schulz’s permission to use the characters. The letter granting permission is reprinted in the book.

Despite the cover drawing, which looks like most amateur attempts at the Peanuts characters, the interior use of Peanuts is all reprinting of Schulz strips. The various chapters of the Yearbook each open with the reprinting of a relevant Sunday strip in black and white, with the panels spaced out over two pages and the word “Peanuts” in the opening panel replaced by the title of the section. Other strips are integrated into the various sections – a tennis strip reprinted with the pictures of the school’s tennis players, for exam ple. A couple of character images are mixed in as pictures of the honor society students. All in all, it’s pretty good use of the material.

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New releases
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