Camp Peanuts cover and last minute gifts

We have a first look at the cover of It’s Off to Camp, Charlie Brown. It won’t actually be available until May, but hey, that’s what makes it a first look. It is nice to see a cover that isn’t just a blue sky fading down to green grass for once; we’ve been seeing far too many of those lately.

And hey, posting this gives me the excuse to note that there’s just a few hours left to order things and have them delivered Friday (via 1-Day Accelerated Delivery, which has a few odd limitations). This option costs a bit more, of course, and it isn’t available for everything. Still, if you suddenly remembered someone who could use the first two volumes of The Complete Peanuts or the classic Peanuts animated holiday specials, you have about four hours after I post this message to order them and stop your worrying… and for some reason about three more hours beyond that for certain items like the latest volume of Complete Peanuts or the second boxed set.

But hey, it’s never too lateto give people love, understanding, and forgiveness (that last being a gift that can go to those least expecting it!) Kindness is a gift that knows no season.

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Upcoming releases
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