Nat Completes a Set

I’m doing a little happy dance over here, because I finally own every Peanuts book ever published… in Welsh. Of course, the fact that there are only 2 made it easier, but these books aren’t easy to find. I’ve had Ffyrnigrwydd Snwpi for a while now, but only just got in a copy of Fel’na Mae, Snwpi. Published by Gwasg y Dref Wen, this 64 page 1984 book reprints one 1980 daily per page, with some of the Welsh terms translated back into English beneath the frame (the back cover notes that it’s aimed at both “learners and Welsh speakers”.)

For those of you curious about what other foreign books are in the library, we have separate lists of non-U.S. books in English, non-U.S. books in foreign languages, and even U.S. books in foreign languages.

Also added to the reference library is Drawing Toward God: the Art and Inspiration of Jack Hamm, which is a collection of Christian-oriented art with explanations behind it. Charles Schulz provided a three paragraph introduction for this relatively-obscure book. All but one sentence of the introduction is quoted on the back cover, along with quotes about Hamm and his work from Norman Vincent Peale, J. Edgar Hoover, Milton Caniff, Billy Graham, and Paul Harvey – quite a line-up of heavy hitters.

This hardcover was published by Droke House in 1968. I grabbed mine for $5 plus shipping off of eBay; searching for copies on Internet used book sites brings up four copies, ranging from $8.50 to $25, so this wasn’t too bad a deal. (Which reminds me of one of my main tips: before placing an eBay bid on a book for more than a couple bucks, always check the used book sites. Don’t let the excitement of auctions leave you paying more than you need to.)

Now shipping: Snoopy & Charlie Brown, a board book for the kiddie set. Just to confuse us all, it’s just a smaller, cheaper version of an earlier (and still-available) board book named Charlie Brown & Snoopy. This new edition was announced for December; I guess December came early this year!

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