Treasury Returns

Back in 2000, a publishing arm of Barnes & Noble put out a discount hardcover edition of Peanuts Treasury, for $9.98. Eventually, it was also available through other retailers.

And then, in 2002, Barnes & Noble put out a discount softcover edition of Peanuts Treasury, for $9.95. That one remained available only through the Barnes & Noble stores and the website.

Stopped by Barnes & Noble today, and noticed that there was a new, 2005 printing of the $9.98 hardcover. And as best as I can tell, this one isn’t even available through

It’s a nice strip collection, worth the price, particularly as a gift for someone who isn’t planning to get the complete set of The Complete Peanuts.

Just a quick recommendation for folks whose taste in strips runs beyond just Peanuts: in a piece for Hogan’s Alley magazine, I named Frazz as my favorite not-in-many-papers strip. I even considered trying to get the rights to publish a collection of it, but someone else beat me to it, and the first book is now available. The title character is a songwriter turned elementary school janitor, with the focus on the interaction between him and the kids. The art style reminds many folks of Watterson (hey, have you ordered your Complete Calvin And Hobbes yet?) and the spirit is upbeat and pro-human. I can’t guarantee you’ll like it; my tastes don’t accord with everyone else’s. But it’s worth taking a look.

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Choo-choo Charlie

I am not going to buy this. Even though it is, technically, a Peanuts strip reprint. Even though it says AAUGH! on the top. I am not, am not, am not going to buy it. I just gotta keep telling myself that. Share this:

New releases
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Kaye Ballard, RIP

Kaye Ballard has died. She had places in the world of stage and screen, but it’s her recording career as a musical comedian that is of interest to the Peanuts fan. In 1962 she issued a recording of her doing Peanuts humor, based on her touring act at the time. …