those expensive editions

It looks like Easton Press, who puts out the fancy’n’expensive editions of various Peanuts books, have finally gotten their online act together. Now, if you’re in the mood to spend hundreds of dollars, you can search their website for all the leatherbound Peanuts books they currently offer.

As a side note: Fantagraphics is taking their success with The Complete Peanuts and moving forward with Hank Ketcham’s Complete Dennis the Menace.

Stop the search

In the past, I have asked people to keep a look out for a copy of this golf program: Well, I am pleased to be able to stop the search, for I have finally obtained a copy (and one that various people hadn’t vandalized with their names, unlike the one …

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood: a review

Here at the AAUGH Blog, we don’t do subjective movie reviews. Anyone can do those, and thus they are not to be trusted. No, we measure movies along very specific and objective standards, making our reviews trustworthy. From an AAUGH Blog review, you can go into the theater knowing what …

Robert Mayer, RIP

Robert Mayer, a man whom I was glad to call a friend, and whose work I have proudly published for over 15 years, passed away on Tuesday. He was a journalist and an author, whose books include everything from the influential literary superhero satire¬†Superfolks to the true crime chronicle¬†The Dreams …