Snoopy and Charlie Brown and Charlie Brown and Snoopy

Sometimes, I get my information on upcoming Peanuts books from elves that I have in the publishers and elsewhere.

Sometimes, however, I have to rely on little bits of information that I glean from hither and yon. As an example: we now have an upcoming Peanuts board book for kids called Snoopy & Charlie Brown. The existing cover image seems to be a reworking of an earlier board book, Charlie Brown & Snoopy. Is this just a smaller edition of that larger board book? Or is this a completely different board book, despite the titles? After all, Charlie Brown & Snoopy was a totally different book from Charlie Brown and Snoopy.

Ahhh, the mysteries of life. I suppose we’ll have to wait until the new book comes out in December to know for sure.

Then January will bring A Peanuts Valentine – and yes,. this is the title of a recent comic strip collection, but this isn’t that book. This is a hardcover kids book. Yes, they do these things just to confuse me.

As always, you should keep an eye on our Upcoming Peanuts book list for what’s coming up soon. For example, the golf-themed strip collection It’s Par for the Course, Charlie Brown ships on Tuesday, so now is a good time to order a copy!

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