It’s a Golf Book, Charlie Brown

It’s Par for the Course, Charlie Brown, a hardcover collection of golf-themed Peanuts strips, is now shipping.

And while I have you, I might as well point out that I’ve been improving the look of a bit. The ugly menus on the left of each page are now less ugly, and the latest headlines from the AAUGH blog are now on each page (if you’re using a Javascript-enabled web browser. Okay, it really doesn’t matter to you folks. But I take pointless pride in such things. More improvements to come. (Now excuse me, I’ve got to go work on implementing some of the same changes for my 24 Hour Comics Day site.)

A problematic eyepatch

If you were reading through the 1965-1966 volume of┬áThe Complete Peanuts, this closing panel to the December 6, 1965, you may have paused a bit when you hit the final panel. Now the first reason for a pause, particularly for younger readers, would be the phrase “an ad for men’s …

Separated at birth

Always wore the same shirt. Founded Apple. Always wore the same shirt. Found an apple. Photo by Matthew Yohe at en.wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0

Judaism in Peanuts

I was thinking today about the December 23, 1970 strip, the one that starts thusly: This is, to the best of my recollection and research, the only mention of post-Biblical Judaism in the entire run of the strip. It slides into Linus and Santa discussion the Maccabees and the temple, …