Unsubscribe fixed

This one is for those of you who signed up for our Blog Via Email program, which lets you get every new blog installment sent to your email box.

I just discovered that the unsubscribe feature has been broken for a while, due to a minor file naming error (not due to any evil attempt to keep you signed up). If you’ve been trying to unsubscribe from this service (if you have switched to an RSS reader, for example, or if you’re simply sick of my yammering), just click the unsubscribe link at the bottom of this very email.

My apologies for this error.

I exploit email formatting as an excuse to promote something.

I’ve been hearing from folks who get the AAUGH Blog via email, over some formatting issues. The blog entries that have links to Amazon have some little invisible images on them; Amazon uses them to recognize that people are coming from my site and to credit me for your purchases. …

email subscriptions are taken care of

The transition to the new system sending out the blog by email is complete. And to clear up some confusion – everyone who was getting the blog by email on the old system has been transitioned to the new one; no new sign-up is needed. And I’ll take advantage of …

Changing email feeds

I’m having to switch the service that handles sending out the blog to email subscribers. Those of you getting this by mail will, if all is working (fingers crossed) see this post in your emailbox twice, once from each service. Once I see that that is working, I will remove …