Shopping time running out!

Well, time is running out for Christmas shopping. Today is the last day to order through for guaranteed U.S. delivery by Christmas Eve using Amazon’s standard shipping. After this, you’ll need to use more expensive shipping options to be sure your gifts get there on time. (And if you want to get it there by Channukah, you’ll ned to get your time machine working do get the books delivered there by last week.)

The good news is that there are good bargains on hand, ready to be gift-wrapped and shipped directly to your friends and family, saving you trips to the mall and the post office. Checking down my list of recommended gifts this year, the things I’m recommending are all 32% to 40% off of the cover price at the moment. So here again is my list of Recommended Peanuts Book Gifts for this year:

For the person who has everything Peanuts:

It’s Only A Game is Charles Schulz’s long-lost other syndicated newspaper comic. Most Peanuts fans have never even heard of this, much less seen it, because none of cartoons have ever appeared in a book before. Now the entire run is collected in a single volume. Just released in late November, you can bet this is something they don’t already have

For someone who loves Peanuts:

The Complete Peanuts, a 25 book hardcover set reprinting every Peanuts newspaper strip. Get Volume 1 or Volume 2 alone, or save big by ording the boxed set of both!

To introduce someone to Peanuts:

Peanuts: A Golden Celebration, presents lots of strips from almost the entire run, giving the newcomer a broad selection of the true Peanuts experience. Now in an oversized paperback!

Well, that’s it for the moment. I’ve got some weird Peanuts books winging their way to me at the moment, including one that’s sure to qualify for the Museum of Odd Peanuts Books, so it won’t be too long before you hear from me again. But if you don’t hear from me before the holidays (and even if you do), have happy and safe ones!

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