It’s Only Tomorrow

It's Only A Game sampleWell, it’s finally time for me to tell you what that other exciting shipment was that I alluded to earlier.

What I got was the first copies off the presses of It’s Only A Game, the book collecting Charles Schulz’s other syndicated comic. As I posted earlier this year, this is a book that I’m pulishing via my About Comics imprint. This one I cannot be objective about. I’m the publisher, I’m the book designer, and I’m proud of this.

The comic, mostly single-panel gags about games and pastimes, ran from 1957-1959. Schulz did all the work by himself at first, then later in the run brought in Jim Sasseville to do the finished art from his sketches. This is the “lost” Schulz work. It only appeared in a few newspapers back in the day, and while some of the gags have appeared in the Peanuts Collectors Club newsletter and accompanying articles on Schulz, most of them have never seen print since the original newspaper publication and literally none of them have ever been in a book before. Now this book has all of them, well over 200 gag cartoons, plus commentary by Jim Sasseville himself with Derrick Bang (of Charles M. Schulz: Li’l Beginnings fame and recently refered to be columnist R.C. Harvey as a “heroic Schulzian”) contributing his editorial hand.

It's Only A Game coverIf you’re serious about Schulz, you want this. Oh, goodness, I hope you want this, I could use the money. I’ve got a baby who’s going through diapers like they were made of paper! And if you’re shopping for a Peanuts fan who thinks they have everything because they have The Complete Peanuts, then this is a good gift for ’em.

Anyway, this book hits comic book stores throughout the US and Canada tomorrow (Wednesday). Not every shop ordered it, but the good full-range shops should have it (and many of the smaller shops will order it for you if you ask.) If you don’t know where your local comic book store is, try the Comic Shop Locator Service.I heartily encouraging you to check out your local comic shop; there’s apt to be more there for you than you realize.

The book is en route to standard bookstores, and many (but not all) stores have ordered it. Just about any bookstore that doesn’t have it will be willing to special order it for you.

And, of course, you can order it at a nice discount here.

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