Sorry if things have seemed a bit frentic lately at AAUGH.com. It wasn’t a business thing, it was a personal life thing. Last night, My wife Lara gave birth to Allison Elizabeth Gertler, our first child. Prepping for this has knocked all my plans and schemes for a loop.

She is cooler than a complete set of Peanuts Parades in mint condition.

Missing podcast links

For those who heard last week’s podcast and wondered “hey, where are the links that he promised to those other podcasts?”, something apparently went wrong with my saving those links. They have now been added to┬áthe Blog entry for that episode.

Things that should not go unsaid, and telling the tales of the times

Back in May 2017, in posting about the way Google book search finds the word “Snoopy” in places where it isn’t actually there, I posted one place it found where it was: this cartoon. Now, I didn’t point out the ultra-Peanutsiness of the fact that it’s not just Mr. Snoopy, …

Help me find this Snoopy golf tournament program

Hey, if anyone knows anyone who has the program for the 1989 AT&T National Pro-Am Golf Tournament pictured here, please get them in touch with me. I could use their help on a legit project. (I don’t need any other volumes, just this one.)