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In this issue:
PEANUTS: A GOLDEN CELEBRATION — 50% OFF! The 50th Anniversary hardcover volume Peanuts: A Golden Celebration is on this week’s New York Times best-seller list (oddly enough, it’s listed in the "Non-Fiction" category, as if Snoopy were real. Not that I’m saying he isn’t, mind you…) Because of this, we can offer it at our lowest price ever: 50% off. That’s a mere $22.50 for an oversized hardcover volume. That’s cheaper per strip than most of the standard Peanuts collections, and in this one you have added commentary and some of the Sundays in color. Of course, you probably already have a copy, but at this price, it’s time to think about your gift list!
How long is this price good for? It’ll be available at least through Thursday…
and each week the book stays on the New York Times best-seller list, the deal will be extended another week. Head over to http://AAUGH.com and click on the picture of the book cover to order it.

The second printing of this book does correct some errors that popped up in the first, where some strips were accidentally included twice.
PEANUTS TREASURY AVAILABILITY Effort has apparently gone into trying to keep the Peanuts Treasury books (reprints of strips from the 1990s) available, but demand continues to wipe away supplies. They seem to be reprinting them in a cycle. As of today, The World Is Full Of Mondays has returned to the available list, and Now That’s Profound, Charlie Brown stays on.
CDs ADDED TO SHOP We’ve added a couple of additional music CDs to the shop. These aren’t new releases, just things that we had not listed previously: JOE COOL’S BLUES is by Wynton and Ellis Marsalis. It contains the music that they created for the Wright Brothers episode of This Is America, Charlie Brown. SCHROEDER’S GREATEST HITS is a collection of short classical pieces from various composers; Beethoven of course, but also Chopin, Mozart, Schubert, and more. It also has a rendition of "Linus And Lucy" (the Peanuts theme) on it. Both of these disks are on the music page of AAUGH.com
PEANUTS ANIMATION ENDING? It has been reported that Schulz’s heirs are leaning against allowing any new animation projects to begin, now that Sparky’s not their to plan and approve them. They may consider allowing work that is directly derived from storylines in the strips, but even that is unlikely.

What does that mean we have left? Well, in addition to the upcoming 50th anniversary special (which may have some new animated segments, but is basically a recap and history show), there will be a new animated special later this year, called IT’S THE PIED PIPER, CHARLIE BROWN. This won’t be going to TV; it will be direct-to-video. We’ll let everyone know when it’s available. (If you’ve only got your Peanuts animation from television, then you missed IT WAS THE BEST BIRTHDAY EVER, CHARLIE BROWN, which also went directly to video, and is available on our video page.)

Schulz had plotted out one additional animated special, about playing marbles. It is uncertain whether that one will be completed.
ODD PEANUTS BOOK OF THE ISSUE This issue’s odd book from Peanuts history is strange because it’s an odd special topic to apply the Peanuts characters to. CHARLIE BROWN’S ENCYCLOPEDIA OF ENERGY is an alphabetically-organized guide to the world of energy sources, aimed at kids. Released in 1982, this seems to lend its existence to the energy consciousness of the late 1970s. This book was released by Random House, and is a relative of their five-book series CHARLIE BROWN’S SUPER BOOKS OF QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS. The art is repurposed Peanuts character drawings with added (non-Schulz) material, so we get to see Peanuts illustrations for the definition of OPEC and Gasohol, or pictures of Snoopy’s doghouse with solar panels. We get to see Pig Pen writing "The clean air act is a good thing because ifthe air is clean we kids won’t have to bathe so much." This one is indeed a hoot. It’s also long out of print.

Anybody else have any favorite odd Peanuts books in their collection?
As always, I’m eager for feedback about AAUGH.com, the newsletter, or your recent Peanuts purchases. You can reach me at nat@aaugh.com!
–Nat Gertler proprietor http://AAUGH.com

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