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First things first: I’ve been talking to folks close to Schulz, and, well, you may want to send out your most powerful wishes and prayers on his behalf. At best, he has a hard fight in front of him. The combination of cancer and stroke has hit him hard.

Book news: There’s BAD NEWS and there’s GOOD NEWS on the book front. The BAD NEWS is that the shortage of books continues. The publishers were just not prepared for Schulz’s retirement and the surge in demand that has followed it. Going back to press on a book takes time if you’re not expecting to do it. As such, there are still fairly few strip books which are quickly available through standard channels (You’ll see a list of some of them on the front page of http://www.AAUGH.com ) Some books (including Peanuts: A Golden Celebration) are going back to press and should be available again soon. We’ll issue a newsletter when things become available again. (Remember, this problem is really just hitting the strip reprint books; kids books, videos, and other items are still quite available.) The GOOD NEWS is that I’ve hooked up with another supplier who has themed strip books in stock! Not only that, they’re at discounts even larger than normal (some at more than 50% off cover!), and we also have some other books along with them (Peanuts Gang kids books, a Twerski self-help book with Peanuts cartoons, and more) at similar discounts. In the next few days, I’ll be integrating the offerings in with the AAUGH.com site, but I wanted to have something to offer my newsletter subscribers as soon as possible. So if you want to order these books, head on over to: http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/nat/ultra.htm for our ultra-discount book page. The page may look a little raw, but it works, and the savings are real!
(Gift tip: Valentine’s Day is coming up, and the Ultra-Discount page does have a couple of Valentine’s-themed books!)

In other site news: we’ve added an article on Schulz’s career. To see it, head over to http://www.aaugh.com , click on Collector’s Guide, then find the link for Bio: Charles Schulz toward the bottom of the left-hand side. In the next few months, we’ll be expanding the Collector’s Guide with even more categories of Peanuts books, for the true Peanuts book maniac.

I’m pretty proud of AAUGH.com. We’ve only been working under that name for about a month (although the shop and the collector’s guide have been around much longer), but what a month it’s been! Here at AAUGH.com Central, we’ve been fielding calls and emails from newspapers, Newsweek, The Associated Press, and more, all looking for comments and information about Peanuts. I’ve been producing Peanuts-related articles for The Comics Buyer’s Guide and Hogan’s Alley, and helping someone close to Schulz gather the well-wishes people had posted to him on various online forums. All that, plus we have the site looking better than ever! Still, I know that we’re not doing anything perfectly. If you have any complaints about AAUGH.com, or suggestions about how we could do things better, please send an email right to me at nat@aaugh.com and let me know how you feel.

BOOK SPOTLIGHT: One book that we’ve gotten in recently that you may have overlooked is "That’s Not A Fault…
It’s A Characer Trait". This is the latest in a set of self-help books by Rabbi Abraham J. Twerski, MD to use Peanuts strips to illustrate its points. The Twerski books are interesting, if a bit shallow…
but maybe that’s what Self-Help books need to be to get peopel started. This particular book is aimed at helping you identify your own faults, and your own strengths, with the goal of building your self-awareness and self-esteem. It contains over 150 Peanuts strips. It’s currently available only in hardcover, and can be found on the Schulz Illustrations page of http://www.AAUGH.com
Thanks for your time and your support! See you next newsletter! –Nat Gertler founder and proprietor AAUGH.com: Your Source for Peanuts Books, Videos, and More!

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